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Boat Cleaners & Waxes

Boats have many different surfaces and Defender offers a cleaner for each one of them! Hoses, buffers, and cleaning tools are also offered online. Get all of your boat cleaning supplies right here at Defender Marine!

So many boat cleaning supplies, so little time!

Defender offers just about every cleaner on the market! If there is something dirty on your boat - including fiberglass stains, rusty metal and mildewed fabrics - we can help you clean it. Boat cleaning supplies are just a few keystrokes away at Defender!

Metal, fiberglass, canvas ? which marine cleaning product is best?

To each application, there is a cleaner! And if you use the proper cleaner, any surface can come clean. Remember to test on an inconspicuous area and scrub away!

What are the best boat cleaning supplies that are also safe for the environment?

Let's face it, boaters may have finesse running an inlet or dropping back but cleaning a boat is a tough business. Black streaks, mold, hazy isinglass, cloudy gelcoat, rust, and stains are the enemy and Defender has all the ammunition you may need. And one more thing ? Spider spray which isn?t a cleaner but is a pesticide that is safe for kids, pets, and the environment!