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About Autopilots

Sailboat Autopilot Systems

Defender offers a wide variety of autopilot systems for sailboats. Tiller pilot and wheel pilot sailboat autopilots are available in complete kits and control pitch, yaw, roll and heading.

What is the best autopilot for my application?

Marine autopilots by the top electronics manufactures are technologically advanced and yet simple in design. Sailboat autopilots like wheel control systems are straightforward to install, while below deck options may be the correct application for your boat but require some expert guidance to install. Weigh your needs and your budget - all your options are right here at Defender!

How does a marine autopilot work?

Marine Autopilots allow the skipper to set a heading and drive the boat hands off. Sailboat autopilots monitor pitch, roll, heading and yaw for a smoother ride to your desired destination.

Are marine autopilot parts available through Defender?

Defender offers replacement LCD screens and wiring harnesses for leading electronic marine autopilots. Complete autopilot packages for sailboats, inboards and outboard power boats and just about any mechanical part from drives and motors to gear boxes and clutch kits and all available on line at Defender.