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About Flexdel's Aquagard Product Line

Beginning in the year 2000, and still ongoing, a development program entitled Research and Development to Commercialize an Innovative Line of Environmentally Preferable Paints and Coatings for the Marine and Aquaculture Industry were funded by Flexdel Corp. and a TTCP grant from the State of New Jersey - Commission on Science and Technology, under Granter #02-2042-010-04.

The purpose of this program was to further reduce and ultimately eliminate all copper from marine antifouling products and to develop and commercialize effective substitutes for TBTO - containing antifouling paints.

The result of this work is a new generation of Flexdel's Aquagard products, some of which may have been registered as antifoulants with the U.S. EPA (These products are now clearly marked as Enviro-Friendly Products), as well as silicone release type products for the replacement of traditional paints containing TBTO.

Flexdel introduced the Aquagard product line with rave reviews and high ratings (powerboat Reports, 2003). These products are presently being successfully used and sold commercially. The product works and is EPA registered.


Bottom Paint Explained

To keep your boat’s bottom clean and fast, some type of Antifouling bottom paint must be applied. This specialized paint contains copper compounds or other biocides to deter the growth of marine organisms.


Hull Prep DIY Guide

Keep your boat looking new and protected from the elements with this general guide to hull prep.