About AIS


An affordable safety feature, Automatic Identification System, or AIS for boats pinpoints and relays boat information. Some AIS systems relay boat course, speed, and heading as well as registered information on boat length and beam. Defender offers a wide variety of AIS transponders and receivers as well as personal transponders and man overboard alarms.

This is your AIS

AIS radios are programmed for the purchaser so be sure to consider your application before you buy. Options include transponders that connect to GPS antennas, black boxes with internal GPS, and standalone transponders. Class A and Class B transponders feature SOTDMA technology and allow for split use of the VHF antenna, respectively. Consider carefully then register your new AIS to get the safety feature this technology boasts.

Transponder or receiver?

Marine AIS systems offer transponders for transmitting and marine AIS responder units that work with existing plotter software to chart signals. Automatic Identification Systems are also offered as a feature of some VHF radios offered through Defender Marine.

Can we split that?

Sure! Antenna splitters enable VHF antennas to be utilized to pinpoint through a GPS signal. Splitters can also allow for one antenna to deliver VHF, GPS, and AM/FM signals eliminating the need for more antennas aboard. Connect options for boat AIS include a WIFI interface, USB connections, and hardwired connection through NMEA systems and monitors.